Photography by me

I do not currently have a studio set up, but I do accept clients here and there.  I do raw snaps of posed avatars, candid event shots, and detailed edits.  Most photos are delivered within 48 hours.  You may contact me in world at Irritums Resident to book a shoot or event.  Thank you!

All Crashed Club members receive a

20% discount for all orders.

Candid Event Shots – 250L

These are photos taken at events and parties.  Photos are taken of avatars dancing, hanging out, ect.  These photos are only done in bulk orders for 15 of more.  I will be available for these events for 2 hours maximum.

For more examples, please check out my event flickr here:  CLICK!

Crashed - Casino Royale 15 Crashed - Casino Royale 8
Crashed - Casino Royale 13 Crashed - Casino Royale 12

Posed Raw Photos – 500L

These are mostly unedited shots taken in world.  I will sometimes do cropping or maybe tint the image darker if needed, and will resolve basic clipping issues as they arise if needed.

For more examples, please check out my personal blog flickr here:  CLICK!

Our Last Goodbye
Strong Gust of Wind Warning - Oxygen Levels Low
Killing Time

Detailed Edits – 2000L

These photos are taken on a green screen and edited extensively in photoshop.  All clipping is resolved, hair is drawn, skin is touched up, and backgrounds added.

Family edited


Him 2

Weird Boy Finished