About me

I do my best to include all information to make it easy to locate the items from my blog, but if you can’t find something, questions and comments can me directed to me inworld at Irritums Resident.

If you are a content creator or designer, and want to see your items featured on my blog, please contact me in world and I will get back to you.  I do not take on sponsors who use copy written material (Micky mouse, Nike, ect), and also do not post pornographic material. No offense to those who post those sexy couples getting down and dirty!  I love your work too, but it’s not something I personally post.

Mesh Bodies I use:
I tend to favor Maitreya Lara, but I use others as well.
Maitreya – Lara (w/ petite add-on + V-tech Boi chest)
Belleza – Freya
Slink – Physique (w/ Petite add-on)
Slink – Hourglass (w/ Petite add-on)
Utilizator – Kemono
Meshbody (TMP) – Legacy
Meshbody (TMP) – Perky Legacy

Head’s I own and still use:
Genus – Classicface
Genus – Babyface (greatly favored)
Genus – Strong Face
LeLutka – Simon
LeLutka – Nova
Logo – Alexis
Utilizator – M4

Animation HUDS:
LeLutka Axis Hud | Store Taxi | MP Link

I use with these windlights made by Foxcity’s owner, Satomi, and also her FX lighting.
Satomi Windlights | Download link
Foxcity | Skin FX Lighting| 100L |  MP Link

Sometimes I use a plain prim projection to create more contrast.  All you do is rez a prim, go to features and tick on light.  To the right of that, clicking the box, and set the texture to blank.

If you’re in an area doesn’t allow you to rez, you can always make the object before hand, and attach it to you avatar center.  Then move it around as needed.  If you attach it to your avatar center, it won’t move around the way a face lights that is attatched to your head.  Play around with it!


You can change the texture from blank to anything you have or want to use.

Lighting 2.png

Firestorm typically
Black Dragon at times

Normally, I do not heavily edit my photos for my blog, because I feel that sort of defeats the purpose of utilizing second life.  This is why you can see clipping in some of my pictures.  I use Adobe Photoshop CC to crop/rotate images as needed.  If I edit a photo a lot, I mention it in the credits so everyone knows it’s not a raw looking image.  I use a Cintiq 22HD tablet for my edits when doing artistic edits, on rare occassion.