Go For It

Go for it

Gacha Items are listed in red.
Event Items are listed in purple.
Sponsor/Review Items are marked with an *asterisk*.


[Body] Maitreya | Lara | Store Taxi
[Body Applier] Studio Exposure | S. Model Body Appliers | Store Taxi
[Legs] ContraptioN* | FL-33T Runner – Prosthetic Leg | Store Taxi


[Top] A&Y | Phex Cyber Top | Store Taxi
A&Y | Phex Cyber Shorts | Store Taxi
[Bodysuit] Graves | Impulse Leather Latex Bodysuit | Store Taxi | MP Link


[Helmet] Haro | CYHEAD | Store Taxi
The Forge | Annihilate Katana | Store Taxi

Other Info

[Pose] R2 + SAC | Shinobi 7 Poses | Store Taxi | MP Link
Valiant | Vlu Trix Backdrop (red) | MP Link
The black in the foreground is just prims I rezzed.

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