Dead Chick

Dead Chick 1
Dead Chick 2 Dead Chick 
Gacha Items are listed in red.

Event Items are listed in purple.
Sponsor/Review Items are marked with an *asterisk*.


[Head] Genus Project | W001 Babyface | 5500L | Store Taxi
[Skin] Insol | Lina Peach | 599L | Store Taxi
[Eye Applier] Suicidal Unborn | Delora Eyes Fatpack | 75L a pull | Store Taxi
[Lashes] Came with head.
[Body] Maitreya | Lara | 2750L | Store Taxi
[Body Applier] Studio Exposure | S. Model Body Appliers | 450L | Store Taxi
[Hair] No longer available for purchase by the designer. 

Makeup & Tattoos

[Eye shadow] L’etre | Basic Eyeshadows | 299L Fatpack | Store Taxi
[Hands] Clemmm* | Calaverita | 102 (66% off for event) | MP Store | Event: Dark Style Fair


[Dress] Dead Doll | Nell | Store Taxi | Event: Satan Inc*

Dress comes in a mini pack of 3 colours
(White, Black and Blush) and contains 4 hovering animations from
Body Language by Manmoth Nishi!

This dress can be found in the Trick Mystery Box at the Satan Inc
Event! For complete details about the event and Mystery Boxes,
please check oh Kiddo Oh’s Flickr post about the dress!
Click here!


[Glowing hands] Zero Gravity | Nikki’s Spacey Outfit | 99L | MP Link
[Bloody Neck]
Aii | Unholy Blood Aura | 250L | Store Taxi

Other Info

[Mausoleum] Contraption* | Philomena Private Mausoleium | 300L (at sale price) | Store Taxi | Event: Shop & Hop
Skye Studio | Four Season Tree Tunnel | 699L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Dust Effect]
 Iffi | Dreamy Pollen Effect | 100L | MP Link

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