Why don’t you call me anymore?

Why dont you call me anymore 2
Why dont you call me anymore 3 Why don't you call me anymore?
Gacha Items are listed in red.

Event Items are listed in purple.
Sponsor/Review Items are marked with an *asterisk*.


[Head] Contraption | The Faceless Head | 300L | Store Taxi
[Body] Maitreya | Lara | 2750L | Store Taxi
[Hair] Doux | Alaska | 325L + 125L Deluxe HUD | Store Taxi


[Dress] AsteroidBox* | Victoria Dress | 250L | Store Taxi | Event: Samhaim
[Leggings] Beautiful Dangerous | Cotton Leggings | 69L | Store Taxi | MP Link
 AsteroidBox.* | Dark Summer – Sandals Red | 75L | Store Taxi 


[Gloves] Peculiar Things + Contraption | Witch Hunter Gloves | 375L | Store Taxi

Other Info

[Pose] Black Cat Poses | Creepy Nurse | 199L Fatpack | Store Taxi | MP Link

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