Imagine the hairballs

Imagine all the hairballs

Gacha Items are listed in red.
Event Items are listed in purple.
Sponsor/Review Items are marked with an *asterisk*.

[Item] Creator | Item Name | Cost | Store Slur | Direct Marketplace Link | Event Link
Links are omitted if not available.


[Head] Utilizator | M4 Venus Head | 600L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Mod pack] Haro | Sora Complete Mod | 500L | Store Taxi | MP Link
(Mod pack includes skin, body applier, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes and shape!)
[Body] Maitreya | Lara | 2750L | Store Taxi
[Hair] Limerence | Kitsune Hair | 400L | Store Taxi | MP Link


[Top] ‘M.Birdie | School Look f/w F.3Knit | 100L a pull | Store Taxi
[Skirt] ‘M.Birdie | School Look f/w F.skirt1 B | 100L a pull | Store Taxi


[Top] ‘M.Birdie | School Look f/w F.glasses | 100L a pull | Store Taxi
[Tail + Ears] Murder of Ravens | Kitsune Set Bento | 400L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Fox] Horntail* | Hey Reynold – Okami-Yen Rare | 75L a pull | Store Taxi | Event: Epiphany

The fox is animesh and comes with it’s own poses.

Other Info

[Pose] Made myself to mimic the Fox!
[Backdrop]  K&S Creations | Rooftop Terrace | 450L | Store Taxi

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