I think we all know where this one is going

I think we all know where this one is going 2.png

I think we all know where this one is going 3.png
I think we all know where this one is going

Gacha Items are listed in red.
Event Items are listed in purple.
Sponser/Review Items are marked with an *asterisk*.

[Item] Creator | Item Name | Cost | Store Slur | Direct Marketplace Link | Event Link
Links are omitted if not available.


[Head] Genus Project | W001 Babyface | 5500L | Store Taxi
[Skin] Pumec | Vivi – January | 849L | Store Taxi
[Eye Applier] Suicidal Unborn | Delora Eyes Fatpack | 75L a pull | Store Taxi
[Lashes] Came with the head.
[Body] Maitreya | Lara | 2750L | Store Taxi
[Body Applier] Came with the head applier.
[Hair] Yumyum | 94 Browns | 300L | Store Taxi | MP Link

Makeup & Tattoos

[Eyeliner] Came with the head.
[Lipstick] Sintiklia | Mirror | 250L | Store Taxi | MP Link


[Outfit] Luas* | Azumi | 225L | Store Taxi | Event: Neo Japan
[Shorts] Blueberry | Yoga Shorts – Black | 199L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Shoes] Luas* | Mitsuko – Okobo | 75L a pull | Store Taxi


[Headphones] Remarkable Oblivion | Super Bass Rab8 Headphones | 250L | Store Taxi
[Earrings] E.Marie | Lovesick Earrings | 250L | Store Taxi | Event: FaMESHed

Other Info

[Pose] Foxcity | Tentacle Attack – 10 | 89L a pull | Store Taxi  (tentacle included)
Madisen listed some of her Tentacles on mp.  Click here!
[Backdrop] Anxiety | Dying in LA – Aeries Rising Alley | 75L a pull | Store Taxi
[Glasses] Urban Warehouse | Horn Rimmed Glasses | 49L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Takeout Boxes] AsteroidBox | Takeout Boxes | 125L | Store Taxi | MP Link
A very special thank you to Miss Madisen for coming up with this idea and for setting up the scene for me.  Check out her flickr here.  CLICK

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