The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice 2.png

The Sacrifice 3.png

Gacha Items are listed in red.
Event Items are listed in purple.
Sponser/Review Items are listed in green.

[Item] Creator | Item Name | Cost | Store Slur | Direct Marketplace Link | Event Link
Links are omitted if not available.


[Head] Catwa | Lona | 5,000L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Head Applier] Insol | Yolo #Rare | 80L a pull | Store Taxi
[Eyebrow Applier] OkkBye | Eutropic Eyebrows | 299L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Body] Maitreya | Lara | 2750L | Store Taxi
[Body Applier] Insol | Free | Store Taxi
[Hair] Tableau Vivant | Seelie and Unseelie Nat 1 | 75L a pull | Store Taxi

Makeup & Tattoos

[Bloody Nose] Euphoric | Bloody Face | 280L | MP Link
[Body Wounds] The White Crow | Wicked | 450L | Store Taxi
[Nails] Came with body hud.


[Outfit] Mistique | Sybil Beige | 175L | Store Taxi | Event: ReDuex
[Harness] Empire | Diascia | 499L | Store Taxi


[Nose Ring] Arise | Nose Ring Black | 69L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Collar] XanSa | Savage Leather Collar Black | 150L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Necklace] Pilot | Cutie Moon Fair Locket | No longer available.
[Cheek Studs] Zombie Suicide | Dimple Cheeks | 100L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Bracers] Belle Epoque | Wild Spirit Black | 50L a pull | Store Taxi
[Mask] Cerberus Xing | Cursed Keeper | 350L | Store Taxi

Other Info

[Pose] Made it myself in Black Dragon Viewer.

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