Tears at the beach

Genus Head and L'Etre Skin Blog.png

Gacha items are listed in red
Event items listed in purple.
Sponser/Review items listed in green.

[Item] Creator | Item Name | Cost | Store Slur | Direct Marketplace Link | Event Link
Links are omitted if not available.


[Head] Genus Project | Genus Bento Head Mocap (Beta) | 3000L | Store Taxi
[Skin] L’Etre | Marie (Buttermilk) | 799L | Store Taxi
[Eyebrows] Included with the skin.
[Freckles] Included with head.
[Eyes] Suicidal Unborn | Luminous Eyes | 140L each| Store Taxi
[Eyelashes] Included with the head.
[Hair] Sintiklia | Isla | 200L | Store Taxi
[Necklace] Lucus Lameth Boutique | Shell Cowries | 169L | Store Taxi | MP Link
[Tears] Catwa | Animated Eyes & Tears | 1500L | Store Taxi | MP Link

Again, this head is amazing, and the hud has so many options. You should check out the demo.  Unfortunetly, the demo doesn’t show you all it can do, but here is a link to the flickr post, to give you an idea.  Click here!

Photo was taken at Aloha Beach.  Taxi

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